Back in the late 2000s, I had to hand-edit all these clips together. Now EVERYBODY’S in the biz- to get hit-pennies. But there’s no art or right music synched to them. Here’s my own CONTRADANZA CRASHES. I’ll match these against their “Crash Discovery/ ???Crashes” stuff any day. Craftsmanship! Turn it UP- I NEVER squeeze my 3D sound. The long sequence of the flaming jet was of a 1950’s Spanish trainer. Look under the nose for the fire. He pivots 90 deg. to land, with a wingtip on the runway. Fire then blooms up and gets going pretty good. Doesn’t faze him. He’s just bummed his jet burned up.

…and don’t think you can fly a WW2 heavy 2500-HP tailwheel warbird just because you’re rich enough to own it. That Navy Corsair was meant to catch a tailhook. So he Paid the Price- and demolished millions of $$ worth of IRREPLACEABLE WW2 Heritage Warbirds. The FAA has now cracked down on that kind of idiocy.

Date: June 4, 2017